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Improvement of the Century

What a difference one semester of a PR Writing Class can make on your writing. I look back now to my work at the beginning of the semester and it is truly cringe worthy. I thought that what I was submitting was good, and before that class it was.

In the past I would get comments from professors expressing how great my writing was, but that’s because it was never from someone who knew what PR writing entailed. This type of writing is completely different from anything I’ve seen before, and I would never have known that without that PR class.

I found myself expressing things with 15 words that could easily be expressed in five. There is a certain clarity in a simple sentence that conveys so much more than a long paragraph that restates the same point in multiple sentences. Realizing this has shown me how much I have improved on that aspect throughout the class.

One of my weaknesses as a writer, that I mentioned at the beginning of the class, was not knowing how to properly convey my thoughts and I feel I have improved on this tremendously. I still have to work on avoiding wordy sentences and probably will for a long time, but no one gets something perfect right away. As I continue to take PR classes for writing I am excited to continue working on being clear and direct in my communication, not only on paper but in my every day dialogue.

In my old writing, I also notice using too many adjectives to describe something I was talking about. What I’ve learned is that a good writer doesn’t need to tell the audience how great something is because if it really is, they will sense that. You don’t need to convince someone to feel something because that will happen naturally.

Something else that I’ve recognized from that class is that you learn to not only improve your weaknesses, but your strengths as well. In my original submission, I said that story telling was a strength of mine and I still agree with this. Except now I feel much more confident in this strength because of what I have learned about being concise in my writing.

At the beginning of the semester I was also asked what goals I had, which were conveying ideas more directly and making sure my writing flows naturally. I still have these goals for myself as I continue in PR but now with the improvement I’ve made I feel the only way to go from here is up.

It has been extremely rewarding comparing my writing between now and the beginning of the semester. The guidance and knowledge I have received from Professor Tamara Bell has made me a more confident writer, which I can never thank her enough for. I am very excited to continue writing throughout the PR program and look forward to comparing this writing to my work in the future.


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